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Food Network's Chopped Junior Champion, Kid Chef CC!

Try CC’s Cupcakes with BBQ

In Pflugerville at The Growler Bar

You can’t beat the combo of cupcakes and barbecue! On Oct. 23 at The Growler Bar (map),  Brotherton BBQ sold out of the seven dozen CC’s Cupcakes it had available to customers. The cupcakes were inspired by Caroline’s episode of Chopped Junior on the Food Network: Chocolate w/Brownie Crumble (try it spicy!), Simply Sweet Vanilla, and Pink Lemonade Sparkle. Thanks to The Growler Bar and Brotherton BBQ for a fun event.



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Guess who won the “Chopped Junior” competition on the Food Network?

Here’s a hint: It was Caroline!

Yep, Caroline was the $10,000 winner of the recent Chopped Junior competition that aired Sept. 27 on the Food Network. The show (which is Season 3, Episode 20, called “Donut Sweat It”) is available for purchase on iTunes and you can learn more about the show and find your channel at the Chopped Junior website.

Also, you can purchase the “Donut Sweat It” episode on Amazon for $2.99


‘Caroline Coleman Day’ in Pflugerville

City council celebrated with dozens of her cupcakes

To recognize Caroline for recent charity work with Dell Children’s Hospital, as well as for winning the Food Network’s Chopped Junior reality show competition, the Pflugerville City Council declared Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016 “Caroline Coleman Day.” Caroline prepared six dozen of her special cupcakes for the council and their staff, and she received a certificate from the Pflugerville mayor to commemorate the event.

Watch the video

Watch the video of the event from the City of Pflugerville television channel.